Relocation after separation

There may be many reasons why you may wish to move to another location following a breakdown of your relationship. It could be due to a new job opportunity, to move closer to family or friends or to put distance between you and your ex-partner or spouse. Following relationship breakdown, before you move to another … Continue reading Relocation after separation

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Parenting Plans vs Consent Orders

You don’t have to go to court Separation can be a difficult and stressful process. When children are involved, one of the most difficult tasks is coming to an agreement with your ex-spouse or partner about time arrangements. If you go to court, the judge will evaluate many factors in forming any decision about children. … Continue reading Parenting Plans vs Consent Orders

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Challenging a Child Support Agreement

Child Support Lawyer Nowra MDV Lawyers

Learn about the various situations in which MDV Family Lawyers can help you challenge your assessed child support liability through application to the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

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What Is a Limited vs a Binding Child Support Agreement?

Child Support MDV Family Lawyers Nowra

A limited child support agreement is a document that sets out the agreement reached between the parties about the payment of child support. It can include payment of cash or non-cash items, such as school fees and health insurance.

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