Why choose MDV Family Lawyers?

MDV Family Lawyers in Nowra understand family law matters can be extremely difficult. Here’s why choosing us will make this process less stressful:

We solely practise in family law

Our dedication to family law provides our clients with confidence that they are seeking advice from, and being represented by an expert in the field. As specialists, we are highly experienced in family law processes and supporting clients to a favourable resolution.

We offer personalised, compassionate service

Having a small, dedicated and talented team allows us to offer clients a more personalised service. If you are seeking realistic, honest and compassionate legal advice and representation then MDV Family Lawyers are the legal team for you.

We have a great reputation and trusted referral base

When dealing with the courts it is important that you are represented by a professional legal team with a solid reputation. We have worked hard to build a postitive reputation with both the courts and other law firms in the Nowra and Shoalhaven region. When choosing MDV Family Lawyers you can feel 100% confident that a respected firm is representing your interests.

We are professional and respectful

Family law matters can be stressful, personal and highly emotional. Our aim at MDV Family Lawyers is to support and guide you through this difficult time by providing professional, responsive and effective legal advice at all times. You can trust that your privacy will be respected, and that at all times you will feel comfortable and confident with our representation.

We are client focused

MDV Family Lawyers takes pride in the provision of effective, compassionate and realistic family law advice. We take our responsibility towards our clients very seriously. We want you to feel 100% confident that we are representing your interests at all times and that we will work tirelessly towards the best possible result for you.

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