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Mediation – the first step to reach an agreement

Where an agreement cannot be reached regarding the care of children, the first step is to attend Family Dispute Resolution (mediation) with a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) to try and resolve the matter. You can read more about Family Dispute Resolution on the Family Relationships Online website, an Australian Government initiative.

When mediation may not be appropriate

There are certain circumstances where mediation may not be appropriate, such as:

  • The court is satisfied that there has been abuse/family violence or there is a risk of abuse/ family violence of the child by a party; or
  • The application is urgent; or
  • One or more of the parties is unable to participate effectively in family dispute resolution (including for reasons associated with remoteness).
  • In all other cases family dispute resolution is compulsory under the Family Law Act.

How we help

MDV Family Lawyers has a conference room specifically set up to facilitate mediations of this kind and can arrange mediation through the Family Relationships Centre, Legal Aid NSW or privately using a registered FDRP.

MDV Family Lawyers can also assist you with arranging mediation conferences for property settlement matters.

If an agreement is reached through this process, we can assist you with the negotiation and/or preparation of a Consent Order or a Parenting Plan to formalise the agreement eliminating the stress, delay and cost of lengthy court proceedings.

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